At a small cost, day visitors are welcome to fish our private stretch of the Rede. To arrange this, please contact Jane (Tel/Fax: 01830 520677 Mobile: 07808592701)
A quiet, relaxing time awaits you on our ¾ mile stretch of the River Rede, situated just West of Otterburn on the A696. We own the land on both banks of the Rede at this point. The River is easily accessible by vehicle or foot, situated 1/2 mile down the fields from the house. It has beautiful views, foliage, bird & animal life. An Ideal way to get away from the hustle & bustle of every day stresses & strains, just unwind.

The River Rede width is about 25ft in places narrowing to about 12 ft, slow flowing part of the River, with a depth varying from 5ft down to a 1 ft with deeper holes in places. Both banks are ideal to fish with a dry fly, wet fly or worm.

Fishing Tackle: Number 5 line, light Tackle. Hook:14-16. Dry Fly: Black Nat, River Knotted Midge, Upwinged Black Fly & Grey Duster. Wet Fly: Black & Peacock, Granada, Coachman, Nymphs & Buzzers.

Brown Trout: June & July are the good months to fish them. Sea Trout: September & October the best months to fish them. Salmon: The spring run starts at the end of May, also again in September & October, please note the calendar for availability as I get a lot of bookings for fishing in October.

A Fly Fishing Instructor & Guide can be arranged when booked in advance if he is available, other fishing on the Rede can also be arranged for you when booked in advance. For prices etc contact Jane Tel/Fax: 01830 520677 Mobile 0780 859 2701